Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mammoth Cave

 I've got one of my closest friends in Cedar and she always shows us such a great time. This time she took us to Mammoth Cave up Cedar mountain. The kids had so much fun! We let the older kids play in the cave but these two had to stay just in the entrance where we could see them.
 We did take them through the whole cave one time. It was lots of fun and very muddy.
 The very end was a tight squeeze so we got very muddy.
 Everyone made it out!
 When the big kids were exploring the cave more the little ones went on a hike.
 On the dirt road in and out we let the kids ride bikes and when they got tired the just hopped in the back of the truck.
We collected more and more kids on the dirt road out. 
It was a great day trip with even better friends!!

Cedar Fun

 I have a few things I really miss about living in Cedar. One is shaved ice. It is one of my favorite treats and it's cheap in Utah. When we go to Cedar I get it at least once a day.
 Since Panaca isn't in Utah they celebrate the 24th on Saturday but Utah does it on the 24th so we got to hit Cedars parade too.
 More candy!
Another thing I miss is the summer rain storms. We get at least one storm every time we are there in the summer. This time the kids enjoyed it on the tramp.

24th in Panaca

 I really don't have many pictures of the 24th celebration in Panaca. I guess I was enjoying myself too much to take many pictures. The morning always starts off with being woke up by cannons being shot then the 5K. I didn't do the 5K. Then we head to the church for breakfast and hang out on the church lawn for games and socializing. Grandpa was helping the kids practice their roping after the games ended.
 What would the day be like without a parade? The parade is always a big hit because of the horses and  the candy.
Sometimes the candy causes some tears but more candy usually solves the problem. After the parade we head back to the church for dinner. It's a fun and relaxing day to catch up with everyone.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

 Without fail I am always traveling with the kids, alone on my birthday. This time we were headed to Panaca and so we made a stop in Vegas at my SIL's house. She really made it a wonderful birthday. We got there and had an amazing lunch and then headed to a friends pool. The pool had a slide, waterfall, rocks to jump off and more. The kids had so much fun and so did I!
When we were done swimming we went back to my SIL's house and had dinner with tons of desserts. This cake was so yummy and then there was an ice cream sunday bar with every topping. Now I'm craving that cake after looking at it. After all the fun I got back in the car and headed to Panaca.

Random Fun

 While we were in Utah my nieces had a carnival birthday party and these two had a little too much fun with the face paint.
 Little Miss Fashionista
 I always talk to much when I'm just picking up or dropping off something/someone but this time D didn't mind at all. She is becoming so social. I love it!
 I went to pick up the babysitter and it started to pour. That is the one thing I really miss about living in Cedar...summer storms.
 My good friend in elementary and middle school has become a Broadway star and was on tour with Wicked. So we went to see her play Glenda in San Diego with my parents, brother and SIL. It was just as good as the first time I saw it or better. We also met up with my friend back stage. 
It was a great night!!
Family dinner at my parents house turned a little wild. Poor grandpa...I think he was loving it.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hair Cuts

 While in Utah the girls got their hair cut. It was D's first hair cut. I was hesitant to cut hers because I didn't want her to look bigger. This is her before.

 After! She loved getting it cut and still says I got a hair cut like it was yesterday when it was really months ago.
I don't have a before picture for A but I thought we would try and grow her hair out but it just looks so good short. I really love this cut on her!

Summer Trip to the Cabin, part 4

 A friend of my parents has horses so they set up a day for the kids to go riding. 
 A is really good at riding and D loves horses.
 On the way back to the cabin we saw this on the side of the rode. Only the second time we've seen a moose at the cabin.
 We went up to Hidden lake to take a swim. The kayaks are always fun because there is a little island to paddle out to.
 It's a good way to cool off but we have to beware of leeches. My mom is the only one who got them this time. We got them off her then ran it over with an ATV. The kids thought it was so cool.
 My parents got us tickets to the main rodeo. We all love a good rodeo! These two cuties had just as much fun as anyone.
 The boys were so into it. They knew everything that was going on.
 After the show there were fireworks which was fun because we didn't get them on the 4th.
So much fun!!

Summer Trip to the Cabin, part 3

 We always have a blast playing in the river behind the cabin. This time we tried something different. We got a long rope and put it across the river so we could hold on to it and cross to the other side. We had never been to the other side.
 The little ones were even able to make it across, with some help.
 Love this picture!
 We all made it across so we could explore what was on the other side.
 Then we had to make it back. 
My dad had to do it without the rope so we could keep the rope but he had his waiters. 
Who knew that a river could keep you busy for days?!

Summer Trip to the Cabin, part 2

 We went to the cabin over the 4th of July so there were lots of things going on. Including a parade. Small town parades are the best because there is always candy.
 There was also a rodeo. During the day before the big rodeo they do a kids one. The kids could try and catch chickens and pigs. They had fun but no luck. Which was fine with me because if you caught it then you go to keep it.
 The older kids got more into it and even got to chase cows with $5 stuck to their heads but still no luck.
 The last thing you could do at the kids rodeo was muttin busting but they ran out of sheep so B signed up to ride a calf. The calf looked more like a cow and I was scared for him to do it but he was excited and ready.
 I was to nervous to go down with him so I watched from the stands and Big B got him all set up.
 I love the country blood in my kids!!
 He had a pretty good ride but when he fell off the cow stepped on him and he started crying but then he toughened up, got up and walk out like it was no big deal.
He got a souvenir from the whole experience. I'm sure there will be more of this in the future. He was so proud and wanted everyone to watch his video and see the pictures. 

Summer Trip to the Cabin

 One of the first things B wanted to do was go fishing. My dad is always up for that so we headed to the lake. The boys went out in the boat while the girls gave the kayak a try.

 The kayak didn't last long because it was windy and I didn't want to get stuck out in the middle of the lake being the only paddler so we came in and did a hike around the lake. There were so many butterflies. D loved to chase them.
 The boys caught a fish!!
 The girls took a turn in the boat and...
D got a fish!