Saturday, January 15, 2011


What would Christmas be without the kids reenacting the Christmas story out of the bible? This year Mary and Joesph were played by the little kids.
C was excited to be Joesph.

D was the donkey but only for a minute.

A was the angel and B played a wise man.

The whole group.
We are so lucky to have such great family and traditions. We know that we are very blessed in all areas of our lives and we are very thankful for that. But most importantly we are thankful for our Savior and his great example and sacrifice for us.


Picture taking was not priority this Christmas. I wish I would have taken more. D is always wanting her picture taken so I did manage to get a few of her. This is what Santa brought her. All the kids loved it.
She also got baby accessories. A big hit! She LOVES babies and can't get enough of them.

B was happy camper with this remote control car. A got a bike and C was very difficult this year. He wanted candy from Santa and really didn't need anything. (Do they ever need anything?) He got a design and drill and some Toy Story things.

The gang in their Christmas pajamas.

This is our attempt to calm down the kids. Grandpa is always willing to read them a story.
Everyone spent the night at me parents house, except my sister who stayed in Utah. We did a pioneer Christmas Eve. The dutch oven was yummy. All the kids spent the night with grandpa in his room, which made it easy for Santa to visit and the adults to hang out together. The morning was of course crazy but then we made it to the park to let the kids run around. Then it was back to playing with the new toys. It was a great day of family!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Cuteness

I can never get enough of this cute smile!
On day I thought her hair was getting long enough to do something with and so I tried this. She sat pretty still to get it in but it didn't stay in long. At least I got some pictures. I should use better rubber bands but I hate how they rip out her hair when one of us tries to take them out. We need to keep the little hair she has!

Ever since we stopped napping C I can tell he is a little more grouchy. He is such a good boy and always has been but lately he has been a little more challenging. (nothing compared to D) I think it's due to no nap. His thumb has been a great thing and makes him be able to fall asleep anywhere as long as he is tired enough.

I keep telling him when he turns 4 he has to stop sucking his thumb but am I sure I want that?