Saturday, March 26, 2011


This is going to take a few different posts. So I'm sorry in advance for all the pictures but because I use my blog as our family journal that's just the way it has to be.
We had a chance we couldn't pass up to go to Hawaii and so we invited Big B's brother and his wife and we went. It was to the Big Island and the place we stayed was perfect. The location was great and so was the condo's set up. The beach that was walking distance from our place had turtles and we saw them everyday...tons of them!
While the boys were trying out the snorkel gear my SIL and I just stared at the turtles and took way more pictures then were needed. They were fascinating though.

For Christmas my brother and his wife gave us a waterproof camera in anticipation of our trip and we had lots of fun with it. Just a short drive away was the perfect beach for boogie boarding and just hanging out. I love to be in the ocean. I don't think I layed out for more then 30 minutes the whole trip because I rather be in the water.

My SIL just might kill me for posting this one but I thought it was too funny not to. Big B was helping her catch the perfect wave and I snapped a picture. But the wave she got was a good one and she had a great ride.

Just another picture of me enjoying the water. Hopefully one day I will have a summer at home where I can enjoy the water more instead of keeping kids safe from the water.