Friday, May 20, 2016

4th of July in Oakley

 Another wonderful 4th of July in Oakley and it wouldn't be complete without the rodeo. D and E checking out the animals with daddy.
 4 of my wanna be cowboys.
 E loved every minute of his day. He's down in the arena getting ready to participate in the kid races.
 A caught a chicken in her race! (and gets to keep it!!) What in the world do you do with a chicken when you're 100's of miles from home? We ended up keeping it for most our trip and then put it on a garage sale site and someone came and picked it up.
 Cousin dog pile on Big B!
 A, B and C each rode a cow in the kid rodeo and of course A fell off and broke her wrist, again. So a trip to the urgent care and later orthopedic. At least she was all smiles because it happened doing something so awesome.
 My baby waiting for the rodeo to start. He really was in heaven the whole day.
 Most the crew waiting for the rodeo to start.
 It rained during most the rodeo. At least we had a blanket to hide under. They never stopped the rodeo so we stayed.
 It cleared up at the very end just in time for the fireworks.
 Perfect ending to our 4th of July!

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