Friday, May 20, 2016

Mathews Reunion

 The view of our camp area the first night. I think that's a sign of a great reunion!
 Cousins everywhere you look!
 I love that E has 3 cousin within 4 months of him. So fun to watch them play!
 D and Jackson taking a break.
 Jenny and I got brave and went for a swim in the freezing water.
 After we were used to the water we braved the diving board. Brought me back to the days of the pool in my backyard.
 Awe how cute...diving off together.
 Cousins at it again.
 This boy wanted his parents so bad it he even braved the cold.
 Warming up in the sun. I always wish I had more pictures. The reunion was so much fun. I love being apart of such a big family! I'm so grateful for the examples they are to me and the kids. 
 One last trip to the shaved ice stand.
Until next time Utah!!

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