Friday, May 20, 2016

Beach Days of Summer

 Don't tell him he isn't big! All summer he wanted to carry his own boogie board.
 My view for at least once a week all summer long!
 The best view is all 5 of them playing happily together at the beach.
 No summer us complete till you've had a s'mor at grandmas.
 Lounging with friends.
 Not that big yet Mr. E!
 Happy place for both of us.
 Ice cream on the beach with family even better!
 A getting ready to jump off the pier for junior life guards.
 Part of her support team cheering her on.
 She made it, phew!
 The rest of her support crew.
 Another day, another beach.
 Crab hunting success.
 Taking a break to warm up.
 Riding the waves!
By the end of summer these kids are so brave in the water. I love it! Come again soon summer!

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