Friday, May 20, 2016

Cabin Fun

 Cousin fun at the cabin never disappoints.
 A trip up to Hidden Lake. My little mermaid.
 Kayak races around the lake.
 We did a little triathlon with kayaking around the lake, a run around the lake and a bike ride around the lake. Mr. E did not like being left out so he took off running after everyone. Always trying to keep up.
 More kayaking.
 Refusing to get out. 
 Piling in the car with cousins.
 We tried to do a big day hike but we got rained out so we ate our picnic lunch in the car and found some yummy shakes down the mountain.
 We did manage to get in a hike around the cabin.
 We got our picnic in after all.
 Once again trying to keep up.
 Grandpa enjoying his view of nature and family. Another great trip to the cabin!

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